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Doug’s Public Kitchen serves modern daytime counter serve featuring vegan & raw fare made with local, seasonal ingredients. Doug’s is by far my top choice for a vegan restaurant in the city. Fresh, local and delicious and even loved by non-vegans! Doug’s is located at 561 Marlee Ave in Toronto and is definitely worth a call for your next meal!

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I love this new location of Thrive Organic that recently opened on College st. The veteran Chef, David Perez, and life-long restaurant owner, Pat Zisis, bring over 14 years of culinary experience and offer a menu that is 90% ORGANIC with FAIR-TRADE and LOCAL ingredients when available. At Thrive a burger is not just any burger… the patty and home-made sauce are packed with SUPERFOODS, making it a powerhouse of nutrition and yummy goodness. From guilt-free Açaí Brownies to delicious GLUTEN-FREE quinoa pancakes, home-made VEGAN soups and SPROUTED pizzas, at Thrive you will always find amazing foods to enjoy and delight your senses. The staff is super friendly and my kids love it here!