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Eco-Max cleaners are truly green. They are made from 100% plant-based ingredients that are biodegradable, renewable and sustainable, making them the natural choice when cleaning for the environment. Their formulations are far safer than traditional, toxic cleaning chemicals; all without sacrificing the cleaning power you’re used to.

They incorporate therapeutic grade essential oils for a more enjoyable cleaning experience. We will never use synthetic fragrances and because our cleaners are all natural, you will never smell harmful fumes while cleaning again.

These green cleaners are manufactured in Canada with the highest standards in mind. They are EcoLogoTM certified, yet far surpass certification requirements. We publish our tests results on each product page and aren’t afraid to list our ingredients. We invite you to discover true green!

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digital x rays modern technologies

In the early 1960s, the founder Nature Clean’s mother suffered allergic reactions to the harsh chemicals used in traditional household products. To help her, their dad began developing his own natural formulations. Since then, the family has continued the tradition of creating healthier, non-toxic alternatives for the products we all use in our homes every day.

We use their dishwasher tabs in the clinic and in my home. They work great as long as you rinse your dishes well and contain none of the toxic ingredients of most other dishwasher tabs.

Tried and true, white vinegar has been around for a long time and works wonders when cleaning a home. Simple, clean and disinfectant, vinegar can be used on almost any surface. If you have a strong aversion to the smell, it may not be the right cleaner for you, however you can always add a drop of DoTerra’s essential oils for a more pleasant smell of your choice.

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