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Welcome to Schecter Dental. It would be our pleasure to engage you in a comprehensive new patient exam. Together, we can evaluate your health, analyze your plaque, take necessary radiographs, and perform a complete exam. All doctors are available for questions and consult.

Please call or email to introduce yourself. The more you share with us, the better equipped we will be to treat you.

How You Can Help

Bring any up-to-date diagnostic results (x rays) with you to your first appointment or have your previous dentist send them our way.

Email us with concerns or questions prior to appointments. We strive to individualize patient care + are happy to cater to specific needs.

Please note that we strongly encourage an initial plaque analysis and patient-specific digital radiographs with our comprehensive initial exam. Follow these Slide Instructions before you come in.

We typically recommend that you follow up with a Canary Scan. This allows for a proper holistic treatment plan focusing on local oral issues as well as underlying systemic implications. We can discuss this during your visit.

Fill out our New Dental Patient Form. Print out, fax, email, or mail a copy to our office. A second option is to come to the new patient exam 20 minutes early to fill out the forms.

Make your experience comprehensive by checking in with our Naturopath.

Currently offering complimentary 15 minute Naturopathic + Homeopathic Consultations. Check us out here