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In works for a while, I created this resource as a guide for everyone in my life, patients, friends + family who always ask me how I stay true to my values. Taking a look around my office and home, I started listing all of the good material stuff that I surround myself with. From dental products, the shoes I choose to wear and the books I read, everything in my life has intention behind it.

I always use local, organic and fair trade when possible, and when not, I am thoroughly disappointed and not comfortable purchasing or consuming. I have a relationship with most company owners from which I source my “stuff” and make informed decisions and ask questions about where products are coming from. Time consuming? Yes, but well worth it and with a supportive wife I am fortunate to live a sustainable, health conscious and environmentally friendly life.

My hope is that you look through this list of goodies and turn to these amazing companies that I support the next time you are in need of anythingin your life. I hope to continue to grow this list and keep adding from the plethora of local companies that continue to pop up in our fabulous city of Toronto.

If you know of an amazing company that I seem to be missing and you want to share please get in touch and let me know so I can continue to grow “Dr. Mike Approved.”