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What Is Biological dentistry? Biological dentistry emphasizes prevention and wellness. Explore the implications and risk factors associated with different chronic conditions.

Take ownership of your toxicity and materials choices. Take advantage of everything modern dentistry and ancient healing philosophies can offer. Stay well, be well.

Biological dentistry is the practice of the best elements of conventional dentistry with a focus on the implications oral health has on the entire body.

Biological dentistry recognizes the link between oral health and general health.

As biological dentists, Drs. Ira, Bertha and Michael appreciate that the diseases and materials in your mouth can have lasting, negative effects on other systems in your body.

At the same time, systemic imbalance can manifest as disease in the mouth. It is critical to work within a team of other like-minded health care providers to achieve ideal health.

At Schecter Dental, we keep your whole health in mind – not just the condition of your teeth and mouth. We are excited to discuss and learn with you.

There are complex relationships between nutrition, life balance, strong health, and quality of life. We are striving to bring awareness and value to comprehensive therapeutics.

Lifestyle/Hygiene Recommendations

Microscopic Dental Plaque Analysis & Evaluation

A dental plaque analysis is a window into your oral health and subsequently into your overall health. A small sample of your saliva and dental plaque is placed under a microscope.

Together with the dentists, you will see the different pathogens thriving in your mouth. This is the best way to treat disease… understand the source. Begin an exploration into your level of health.

As a part of our biological approach to dental treatment, we analyze the plaque that forms around teeth in order to see whether there is an infection and, if so, what is causing the infection:

  • Are there unhealthy microbes?
  • Is it due to local hygiene issues or perhaps systemic complications?
  • Is my lifestyle leaving me susceptible to inflammatory disease?
  • Are my medications or existing materials exasperating my oral condition?
  • How can I optimize my health and reduce risk factors for other chronic conditions?
  • Do I require gum surgery?
  • How can I prevent this?

Although there are many interventions designed to address infections after they have occurred, take measures early on to ensure your positive oral health. The dentists will interpret and present the results to you regarding your susceptibility to gum disease.

It is important to realize the implications of unhealthy gums, including risks to chronic inflammation, heart disease, pregnancy, diabetes, and osteoporosis. This early detection of possible problems provides an opportunity for you to work with our team to prevent further periodontal complications from progressing.

This is especially useful for children. They can witness and better understand the potential harms of ignoring their home care.

Saliva Ph Testing

Your acid/alkaline balance is another essential barometer for oral health. If our systems are acidic, we are predisposed to cavities and gum disease. In reciprocate fashion, oral disease may pressure the system and lower pH.

This simple non invasive test allows us to better understand how our systems are balanced. We should all strive to remain in a more alkaline state for the health of our mouths and our systems.

We would be happy to review the extraordinary health benefits of a balanced system.

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