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Naturopathic Medicine and Dentistry

It is well understood by holistic dentists that the health of the mouth  represents the state of health of the internal body.  One of the foundational principles of Naturopathic Medicine  is to ‘Treat the whole person’.  As Naturopathic Doctors, we see the body as an integrated system, where each organ’s function is dependent on the health of the system as a whole.  Therefore, if you have been advised of an imbalance in your mouth (frequent cavities, root canals, inflammation, gum disease etc) this can impact the health of the rest of the body, or alternatively, the root of these imbalances may in fact be coming from dis-ease in other areas of the body.  By taking a thorough health history and using a holistic approach, Naturopathic Doctors endeavour to identify the root cause of your symptoms in order to create an individualized plan to return the body to a state of balance.

Oral Health:

The mouth is the entrance to the rest of the digestive tract. The health of the oral cavity is therefore intimately linked with the health of the digestive tract.   During times of stress, whether physical, emotional, dietary or lifestyle related, the digestive function will be suppressed.  This can result in digestive symptoms such as gas and bloating, heart burn, IBS and bad breath but also  systemic symptoms such as skin reactions, mood changes and other chronic conditions.  In addition, the delicate balance of bacteria living in our digestive systems can be easily upset by our food choices, stress, poor digestive function etc. and this will affect the entire digestive tract including the mouth.   Speak with your Naturopathic Doctor  to see how your oral health can be contributing to, or be a result of other health concerns in the body.

Salivary pH:

Salivary pH is an indication of the overall pH balance in your body.  A large majority of chronic diseases including cancer, cardiovascular disease, arthritis, osteoporosis, inflammation and tooth decay are rooted in an acidic terrain of the body.  It is critical that the pH in the blood remains stable (pH 7.4) and in order to do this, the body exchanges acids and bases with other tissue fluids including the saliva as well as bones and soft tissue.  Therefore the pH of those tissues will fluctuate according to the acidic load of the body.  Your Naturopathic Doctor can help to identify sources of acidity in your life and work with you to balance it.  Certain foods as well as physical and/or emotional stress have been shown to contribute to increased acidity in the body.

Amalgam removal:

Amalgam fillings are fillings made of a mixture of mercury and other metals.  Mercury toxicity from amalgam fillings has been  recognized as a  significant concern in recent years, and those who have had amalgam fillings are seeking safer alternatives to replace them with. As part of a comprehensive approach to amalgam removal it is imperative that your detoxification and elimination pathways are working properly to ensure you can handle and process any potential systemic load of mercury which has built up on the body.  This can be done with specific dietary and lifestyle protocols, along with infrared saunas and specific natural supplements to help bind the mercury and draw it out of the body.  Based on a thorough health history and possible lab testing to assess your body’s existing burden of mercury and other toxins, your Naturopathic Doctor can identify your level of sensitivity to your mercury containing fillings, how it is impacting your health, and provide an individualized treatment plan suitable for you.