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At Schecter Dental, we believe in offering our patients choice. We are fortunate to have access to a wide variety of treatment options. Our patients are exposed to opportunities to reduce their pharmaceutical use. Post surgery, patients can choose between a conventional antibiotic regiment and a successful homeopathic protocol. The doctors have developed an effective all natural post surgical rinse to supplant harmful prescription rinses. It is important to make an informed choice that suits your own personal philosophy.

Begin to explore the sublime effects of homeopathy. Strengthen your system, heal faster, and feel better. Try safe effective alternatives which harness your own immune system to heal. You will potentially get well quicker, improve your immune system’s ability to combat future disease, and reduce our societal reliance on pharmaceuticals.

We only use Enzyme based disinfection control which supersedes current Canadian standards. Our office is maintained with World Wild Life Fund endorsed safe, effective cleaners for us and nature.


Systemic Care

naturopathy, osteopathy + dentistry working together to make you well

Advanced Cosmetics

implants, full mouth restorations, veneers, crowns, bridges + more

Biocompatible Materials

safe for you + the planet without eliciting a response in the body

Ozone Therapy

anti-microbial, anti-inflammatory, alternative to antibiotic treatment

Sleeping Appliances

reduce risk of stroke, improve comfort, function, clarity + weight loss

Reduced Pharmaceuticals

natural alternatives to antibiotics + pain medications

On Site Dental Lab

better quality, control of costs + materials

Non Surgical Periodontics

prevent recession + gum disease without surgery

Amalgam Replacement

read more for safe amalgam removal protocols

Digital X-Rays

50-95% less radiation than standard

Cavity Prevention

evaluate the existence + progression of decay without radiation

Responsible Root Canal

options for using laser + ozone therapies