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We have two different types of saunas in our Integrative Health Centre at Schecter Dental. The two types of saunas are the infrared sauna and the ozone sauna. Below is detailed information about each one.


Infrared sauna treatment has documented research relating to positive impact on asthma, athletic recovery time, regulating blood pressure, cancer, chronic pain, fibromyalgia, heavy metal detox, pesticide accumulation, psoriasis and other skin conditions, and weight loss. It is recommended to work in conjunction with an integrative health care practitioner who can quarterback your treatment and evaluate progress.

Our Toxin Free Guarantee and environmental consciousness

1)    Electro Magnetic Field (EMF) reduction

  1. “Infrared Sauna’s tend to have high magnetic fields, which is a problem for people to detoxify
  2. One exception is SaunaRay (our sauna). SaunaRay ensures emissions no higher than 0.2 miliGaus. This is more than 10X Lower than the safe level of 3 miliGaus for any single appliance. It is also 10X – 80X lower than other brands on the market.
  3. Often removing mercury and other heavy metals from the body via sweat can reduce somewhat the symptoms of electrical sensitivity.

2)    Zero pesticides, formaldehyde, fire retardant chemical, asbestos, or ammonia based lacquer.

3)    Solid Ontario Basswood. Selected for its allergy-free characteristics, warm wood tones and natural beauty. Thick planks of wood ensure it can
be assembled without glue.

4)    Solid Ceramic far infrared heaters. Chosen for purity, warmth
and maximum penetration.

5)    Medical Grade Stainless Steel. Solid toxin-free, and naturally rust proof.

6)    Tempered glass. Toxin free, child safe, locally made.

7)    Canadian Beeswax. Carefully selected and hand rubbed onto the
outside of your sauna creating a natural toxin-free protective coating.

Natural Ingredients only for your 100% Toxin Free Sauna.

Ozone Sauna

Welcome to the first commercial ozone sauna in Ontario. A long time treatment in European countries, this steam sauna with Oxygen and Ozone has many proven benefits. You will sit in a steam cabinet, heating the body to produce sweat for approximately 25 minutes. A mixture of oxygen and ozone will be diffused into the cabinet.

  • The ozone/steam will oxidize lactic acid, relaxing and loosening muscles and increase muscle flexibility. Oxidizes adrenaline, produces over all calm and prevents changes in internal flora, which can lead to serious disease.
  • Oxidizes toxins so they can be eliminated through the skin, lungs, kidneys and colon.
  • Stimulates vasodilatation of blood vessels, boosts circulation, relieves pain and helps injured muscles to repair more quickly.
  • Eliminates bacterial and viral infections of all kinds.
  • Speeds up the metabolic processes of the inner organs and endocrine glands resulting in a loss of 290 – 450 calories in a twenty-minute session.




Systemic Care

naturopathy, osteopathy + dentistry working together to make you well

Advanced Cosmetics

implants, full mouth restorations, veneers, crowns, bridges + more

Biocompatible Materials

safe for you + the planet without eliciting a response in the body

Ozone Therapy

anti-microbial, anti-inflammatory, alternative to antibiotic treatment

Sleeping Appliances

reduce risk of stroke, improve comfort, function, clarity + weight loss

Reduced Pharmaceuticals

natural alternatives to antibiotics + pain medications

On Site Dental Lab

better quality, control of costs + materials

Non Surgical Periodontics

prevent recession + gum disease without surgery

Amalgam Replacement

read more for safe amalgam removal protocols

Digital X-Rays

50-95% less radiation than standard

Cavity Prevention

evaluate the existence + progression of decay without radiation

Responsible Root Canal

options for using laser + ozone therapies