Michael Schecter DDS

We are very excited to now introduce PRF, Platelet Rich Fibrin, treatment at the office. Platelet rich treatment has become popularized by high profile athletes like Kobe Bryant. Centers in Germany started treating patients in 2003. It is quite a simple and natural concept.

A small amount of blood is drawn IV from a patients arm. This is akin to getting blood work for a blood test. The sample is immediately placed inside a centrifuge and spun very fast. This intense spin is a standard method used to separate compounds by weight. The Blood separates into 3 levels. The top two levels are platelet rich liquids of varying viscosity and the bottom level is the red blood cells.

Platelet Rich Plasma was injected to Kobe Bryant’s ailing knees. He attributes these simple injections in carrying him over for a few more MVP caliber seasons. This treatment can reduce the need for knee and hip replacement, increase healing time, and minimize the risk of infection. Healing factors in the body are concentrated and amplified. There are no additives, no preservatives. Absolutely nothing is modified. Simply blood is drawn and spun. It is rather genius.

The next generation of Plasma treatment is now available. Doctors in France recognize that these immune/healing factors can be pressed into membranes or plugs simply by compressing them for 10 minutes. At Schecter Dental, pre fabricated membranes and plugs can be replaced with your own natural tissue that posses infinite healing capabilities. This is great for wisdom tooth extraction, tooth extraction, infected/failed root canal treatment, implant surgery, or any bone healing procedure. PRF will allow us to further reduce our reliance on pharmaceuticals and synthetic compounds. Patients should have fewer surgeries which are less invasive and less costly.

PRF treatment is a fascinating modern technological advancement. At the same time, it is 100% natural from your own body.

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