Dr. Andrea Scholten ND

Thank you to everyone who came out to the 2015 Whole Life Expo. As promised, we have posted the presentation given by Dr. Andrea Scholten, our licensed Naturopathic Doctor and Dr. Michael Schecter, our Biological Dentist.
The presentation is in powerpoint format and speaks to how we are surrounded by toxins on an everyday basis, gives a general overview and explanation of specific toxins to avoid. Pointers are provides on how to detox once exposure has occured. Dr. Scholten also touches on Schecter Dental’s Integrative Health Team and details how the dentists and other practitioners work as a team in our clinic to bring you to an ultimate state of well being.
Please enjoy the presentation by clicking here
Find out more information on Cavitation Surgery and PRF Treatment, the topic on which Dr. Michael spoke about during this same lecture, click here