Our primary focus is on prevention and healing rather than on disease and treatment.ย We believeย in taking an integrative approach to your oral health. We reduce toxicity + minimize invasiveness. Our focus is on patient education by explaining, giving options and listening to your needs.We take advantage of everything modern dentistry + ancient healing philosophies have to offer


We are always available to answer yourย questions and togetherย with our Naturopathic Doctor, our Osteopath + our Homeopath, we want to ensure that you are understood. We are committed to spending time with our patients and individualizing quality treatment plans that areย suitedย to the individual.


We believe in the power of team work. Communication, trust + creating relationships with ourย patientsย is a critical component ofย our practice.ย We do all of this while keeping the environment and our collective health in mind. We aim to bring you health + wellness. We look forward to sharing this experience with you.