Dr. Michael Schecter DDS

A few years  ago, a 2 year old named T.J. was suffering from multiple cavities. T.J. had to be treated at Sick Kids hospital to have some teeth extracted, and others restored with root canals and stainless steel crowns. All under general anesthetic.

It is impossible to do that much quality dentistry on a toddler without having them sedated.
Fast forward to the present. A 22 month old, M.M. has noticeable discolouration and soft spots on her teeth.  M.M.’s parents have made a concerted effort to minimize invasiveness and toxicity in her life. She has not been exposed to antibiotics or other pharmaceuticals. However, she is the second child.

Her mom explains that the older brother eats more snacks and processed foods now. M.M. sees them and wants them. As well, she is still nursing throughout the night. It is so important to reduce night feedings or at least rinse with water and brush teeth following those feedings. Otherwise the milk sugars just sit on the teeth. This is particularly problematic at night when we naturally have a decreased salivary flow; another reason why it is so important to fulfill our oral hygiene commitments before bed.

Fortunately, with M.M., there is now a different level of assistance. A new machine called the Canary System. Similar to the bird, this machine can be used as an early cavity detection machine without radiation or toxicity. Utilizing thermography and spectroscopy, this laser can give a specific reading for every tooth surface in the mouth.

This reading will then indicate if intervention is required. A preventive program can be implemented and a follow up Canary screen can elucidate if the teeth are improving or regressing. This is a great way to minimize radiation and catch decay early on. This is great for children, pregnant women, and everyone else.
This system is a paradigm shift.

We can now observe decay and implement preventive protocols. People can realize a tremendous turn around in decay with appropriate dietary modifications, remineralizing applications, ozone protocols, and iodine varnish. This total package will decrease cavities, promote health, and help save money on costly dental fees.

M.M and her family Began using their iodine varnish and ozone brushing. They are refocusing on boosting the salivary pH. They revisited the Canary scan 3 months later to evaluate M.M.’s progress.  She is doing quite well and seems to have stabilized her tooth decay and continued her healthy development.