Dr. Michael Schecter DDS ・ November 7, 2013

We believe dentistry is entering and embracing a new age. Technology has advanced our profession to the next level. A microscopic analysis and  Canary System combine to accurately track our health and balance in the  mouth.

The plaque analysis, the slide, evaluates the levels of inflammation and   microbes in our mouth. We can then effectively track our progress relating to gum health. It is relatively simple. If there are fewer virulent pathogens on subsequent slides, then we are making progress.

If we still see inflammation or unhealthy microbes, then we need to alter our approach. This microscopic analysis allows us to monitor the balance in our mouths. If our balance is off, then gum disease will flourish. It is our job to work together to understand where this imbalance is originating from. Typically, a combination of systemic and local hygiene factors are at play.

The Canary System looks to achieve the same balance for the teeth. The Canary System can evaluate the ratio of demineralization on each surface of each tooth. We gain an understanding of the amount of crystalline destruction on the teeth.

We can effectively track the progress of cavities in the mouth. Similar to the plaque analysis, we get a baseline reading. We can focus on various preventive measures and then do a follow up scan. If balance is achieved, if the numbers remain stable or reduce, then our approach is working.

If the Canary numbers increase, then demineralization is continuing and further intervention is required.
The latest research relating to tooth decay involves a two pronged approach. The focus is on killing the bacteria that contribute to decay along with remineralizing the tooth structure. We have invested considerable energy emphasizing the third side to the preventive triangle; systemic health and balance.

The most effective way to keep the gums and teeth healthy is to eat and drink well, get enough sun exposure and live an active lifestyle. Chronic stress, regardless of the cause, wreaks havoc on our oral balance just as it does to our systemic balance. We try to share this message with our patients. Concurrently, we want to focus on what we can do in the mouth. The antimicrobial/remineralization model does work.

Iodine varnish, ozone, essential oils, and pharmaceuticals all work to reduce the bacteria in our mouths. The enzyme Rennou, Calcium phosphate, and fluoride all work to remineralize tooth structure. It is critical to select the appropriate materials for your health.

As well, it is critical to target the appropriate areas of weakness. The Canary System allows us to work through these issues together. Previously, without reliable technology, we couldn’t track success. We had to rely on intervention instead of prevention.

Today, we can truly monitor the effectiveness of our preventive approach. We should continue to work towards maintaining the balance needed to avoid disease. We are fortunate to have the capability to track these methods and continue to work towards ideal oral health.